Players below a certain rank not allowed to join game after I got warned

Hello! I was recently warned about my game instance, but it was not deleted.
I’m having an issue with my game where it doesn’t allow players to join, giving them “Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted”.
The place is not restricted at all, I have triple checked that. I have to places in my universe, a main menu, and then a game place. Players can join the main menu just fine, but when they click the teleport button, they get the message.
I have noticed that people above a certain rank are able to join, I’m not sure on why that is, because it is set to public, these ranks do not have studio access either. Any help?

EDIT: The players get Error Code 773.

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Make sure that the places inside the game aren’t just saved to roblox but are published.

It is published, it has been for more than a year. It was working before, not quite sure what the issue is.