Players Cannot Fully Dress Characters With Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Recently, Roblox released eight anthropomorphic character bundles. Included in these bundles are eyebrows and eyelashes. When equipped, these items act as layered clothing and take up two of the five allotted clothing slots. The five current slots allow users to equip one item from each layered clothing clothing category as follows: t-shirts, shirts, or sweaters; jackets; pants, shorts, or dresses & skirts; left shoes; and right shoes. As you can see, there is one category per slot, which leaves no room for extra items. The two new assets, eyelashes and eyebrows, come at the sacrifice of players wearing clothing. Additionally, these assets do not have their own categories, which makes them impossible to equip without equipping the character bundle they come with. Adding a new category separate from layered clothing slots (i.e. located in the Head & Body tab) or adding two additional slots in layered clothing would remedy this issue.