Players cannot move, Improper loading issue?

So I’m doing a scripting commission for a Star Wars group, and I started noticing this issue appear:

Now, this warning only appearing in the physical game, and never appears in the studio. Meaning I have to join the game to make this appear.

However, players have been reporting the inability to physically move and control their characters. I’d like to think these scripts have an effect that I’m not aware of. The players aren’t anchored or anything of the sort, it seems their key binds arent being bonded at all.

In-studio I can 100% move freely using WASD but in-game I have a 50% chance of receiving this issue, Anybody has any ideas as to what could cause this? I’d really appreciate it. I’ve gone over my code a bunch of times and tried the process of elimination and reckon there is nothing I am doing to cause such an issue manually

Are the players able to use their interface at all? (Using the Menu Screen, chatting, etc) You may need to check the CoreScripts if possible

Alright so after some more testing, Players can see everything perfectly fine. I added some prints to the Keyboard module inside the PlayerModule system. All keys are being binded perfectly fine, but for some reason the movevector isn’t being applied.

Click to move works fine, but the second a user toggles back to Keyboard Default, it breaks again. This is the most inconsistent issue I’ve ever come across.

Strange, are there any scripts that you inserted that could be messing with the movement system? If not, you might wanna contact @Bug-Support with this issue if possible

I’m going to do another once over just to make sure, however, the game is running in bare-bones mode so only the most essential stuff is running. Anything that requires WASD input has more or less been disabled or requires the user to activate it.

I’ll take a look before heading over to bug support. Thank you!

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