Player's Character stutter & shake while moving, 60fps vs 400fps

Basically title of the post ^

This thing appeared out of sudden for no reason and I dont really know why it is happening.
I’ll try to find out the issue myself too while waiting for replies, testing on older versions of the place might give a good result.

Also this issue doesnt seem to happen in roblox studio but in actual game,
The only thing I can blame is fps unlocker because roblox studio lock fps to 60 and in actual game I have 400. Also tried to turn off all localscripts from StarterCharacterScripts (99% of motion ingame controlled by them)

Roblox studio:


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Happening to me in all Roblox games - this is on Roblox’s end and not an issue on your code.

Thanks, I hope it is as you saying :pray:

I think they are trying to limit movement to 60 fps tickrate to prevent fps unlockers from giving competitive advantage? But I’m not sure!

So this is temporar, right? I gotta record something and dont have much time for this to disappear :eyes:

In any case, I immediately saw how laggy my movement was, it felt like 60fps while everything else was on 240fps.

This is definitely a bug yes, it happens in ALL games. Can you try playing Catalog avatar creator with unlocked fps and see how laggy your movement is?

You are right, things are the same in all games. Thanks for your reply I was stressing why the hell this happened to my game out of sudden

Someone in the Bloxstrap Discord server found a FastFlag to mitigate the issue.

"DFIntTimestepArbiterThresholdCFLThou": "300"
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We need a solution for all of the players, not just for myself

But still thanks

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