Players falling through map and dying when loading/spawning

Our game has a relatively large map. However, until about a few days ago, we have had issues of player(s) spawning in and falling through the map. The SpawnLocations are above the map and are not in the ground. In fact, the SpawnLocations are slightly above the ground. This issue also occurs when players respawn/reset their character. There are videos below demonstrating this issue, along with our StreamingEnabled settings.

Examples of Falling through Map:

Respawning after dying teleports me way above the SpawnLocation

StreamingEnabled Settings:

The StreamingEnabled settings are relatively the same since before the issue started occurring. We do not plan on using GameplayPaused, as it may introduce other issues with our map and physics.

How would I go about resolving this issue?


Have you used request area streaming as is recommended from the documentation? You have not mentioned this in your post as of the moment.

I have not yet. However, we had never used it before this issue occurred. Players spawned in fine before the issue started occurring without the use of request area streaming.

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