Players falling through map and getting stuck in floor

My game is StreamingEnabled and has StreamingPauseMode set to ClientPhysicsPause

But for some odd reason occassionally players will load in the game and fall through the SpawnLocation (CanCollide = true) and floor (CanCollide = true).

The player’s are also not loaded (via Player:LoadCharacter()) until the map is loaded so I know that the map is there when they load in.

This screenshot represents the SpawnLocation:

I have reason to believe that this tends to occur to players who have poor internet connection or a lower power computer. In my personal opinion I think that the map just doesn’t render for them in time and they fall through and by the time it renders in they are in the floor and it loads in causing them to stick.

Screenshots of people being stuck:

As you can see this is a fairly common glitch that is occurring to my players yet I have tried many ways to fix and have had no success.

Thanks to anyone who can reply/help! :smiley:

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You could try using ContentProvider | Roblox Creator Documentation which waits until the instances passed are loaded to stop the loading screen. You could pass the spawn area as part of the array it takes as a parameter.

On top of the previous suggestion, try anchoring the players’ characters in place until the floor has loaded.

might wanna make the cancollide of the spawns to false

Sadly this did not work, player still gets stuck

This also did not work unfortunately the player does not get anchored in time and just falls through

Where are the spawns located in relation to the map? Could you try using a default spawn which is anchored, has cancollide = true and transparency = 0?

It does use the default roblox spawn and I tried making them have collisions and they still fall through them

This bug also occurs in games like UD: Westover and ERLC. It’s when you are laggy or have a slow computer. It happens 5-10 times while playing UD on my old 2014 Toshiba laptop with 4gb of ram.

On my new computer I can play smooth without falling.

Sounds about right, happens to players with bad computers and does not happen very often but is consistently occurring about 10-25% of the time

This bug also happens whenever the floor is too thin causing players to get stuck in between

This might actually be the problem, gonna try to make the floor thicker thanks

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Sadly this solution did work and players are still spawning in the floor :expressionless:

Bumping this because my players are still falling through the floor, I have tried teleporting them once they load, adding more parts under them, nothing is working so if anyone has any ideas that would be nice

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Have the same issue here

Well the only way I fixed it was by disabling StreamingEnabled