Players feel lonely while playing my game

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Yesterday, I performed a Pre-Alpha test event where my community was allowed to test the game so far. One common complaint with the game was that players felt lonely. I was wondering if there is a way I can make players feel less lonely while playing this game.

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Um why do you want people to feel lonely???


Haha, I meant less lonely. Sorry.

Just tried it, maybe add some NPC’s walking/doing tasks. My suggestions are add a shop, some wells, more buildings (they are all kind of pretty the same). Maybe have NPC’s hanging up clothes on balconys/rooftops. Interacting with NPCs.


I’m not sure if this is a great idea but you can make a chat that’s cross-server, I’ve done this before when I made a 1 server game (I used MessagingService). This might cause problems if your game has thousands of players.

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I was thinking of implementing such a feature. How was the experience of having a cross-server chat?

I have a few things I suggest you can add.

1 - Setting ambience, make the space feel alive. Add some easily distinguishable music, background noises that is realistic for whatever the setting is, add NPCs that serve the purpose to fill the population (not interactable), and other life besides humanoids.

2 - Replace the dialog “talking” with something more diegetic, the sound is a bit abrupt for the player to hear and doesn’t really work that nice. I recommend don’t try to make it sound like talking, instead use a ‘talking blip’ sound effect.

If anyone else would like support in designing their game, message me, I do it for free :slight_smile:


As you said, it was a pre-alpha test and it did certainly look like it. From what I saw, the general layout looks good but it looks all too plain and empty to me. The music also contributes to this emptiness. I believe the addition of more npcs, possibly animals, and such. For how big the map actually is, placing the right number of npcs could be a challenge. But overall, possibly add more details and interactions to make it a bit more lively and energetic.

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