Players having connectivity issues with my game

A couple days ago I released a new, BETA version of one of my games, 2 Player Military Tycoon: RELOADED. So far everything has been going smoothly except a pretty big and fundamental problem, that did not happen in the game previously before I dropped this new update.

A lot of the players who play my game report an issue where they will disconnect from the game every 10-30 minutes.

I’m not sure if it’s something with my game or ROBLOX, because a lot of the players will try to rejoin the game after they get disconnected and just get more error messages.

It’s not even just a few users either, I held a poll in my discord server where the majority of participants said that they experience connectivity issues as well.

I really have no idea what the issue is, because the new update lowered client memory usage by a lot and also had a much better ping than the old version, yet this still happens. It’s pretty big issue because it’s affecting my game’s playtime, which has been going up after the update, and is for sure affecting revenues. The game will have dramatic increases and decreases in player count through the day as well too, and I think that’s definitely the connectivity issue in play.

What could be the issue? I use things like RunService.HeartBeat instead of while loops in the game, and server sizes are 24 players, and the game is playable on all platforms.

Am I doing something wrong or is this something on ROBLOX’s end?

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I encourage you to take a few rounds on looking at your scripts and figure out what could be causing those connectivity issues. Any plugins that insert any viruses? Uninstall them. Perhaps you’ve accidentally got a virus in your game somewhere laying inside a Part.

You need to dissect your game and figure out where the source is coming from. If all of that fails, create a completely new place and visit it every so often while developing to see what the cause is.

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I was thinking it could be some sort of programming issue stemming from using API’s like data service

It’s possible. That is dependent on how many requests you’re making to the API data service. Making too many requests can be quite a bit for the server.

You should take it up to #help-and-feedback:code-review and ask them to see if it has any relation to connectivity issues.

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I’d suggest this could be something on ROBLOX’s part, but this has been happening to a lot of other games recently where users have been getting connectivity issues or servers have been crashing without much of an explanation behind it.

It would also be helpful to do what @Clueless_Brick said and take a look through some of your models, plugins, and scripts to see if any of those could also be a factor in why your players have been getting connectivity issues in your game.

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I did write a support request to ROBLOX right before I posted this, so I’ll see what they say.

As far as I know I have 0 plugins installed on ROBLOX. I guess I’ll follow @Clueless_Brick’s advice and have my devs and I go through everything

Speak of the devil! As I was posting my last reply, this happened:

Also the ROBLOX launcher froze and wouldn’t respond, but my game’s music continued to play, so I had to force quit.

So I ended up finding a couple scripts that reference some APIs quite frequently.

I use RunService.Heartbeat very frequently in place of while wait(x).

Also, would calling DataStore too frequently cause this connectivity issue as well?