Players keep losing data through error code id=17?

Greetings. I have encountered this issue with multiple players in the current game I am working at.
Players keep getting random disconnects in the game with the error id=17, sometimes players even lose their data (Roblox Datastore).
Some people said it’s due to datastore usage, but I am not certain.
Is there an explanation for this error being caused?

It has info on the error code 257 (I’d = 17) and a tutorial on fixing it.

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The issue is this isn’t happening to me myself, but rather most of the players that play the game.

So they’re having the issue, not you

For certain, it happened on multiple devices due to unknown reasons

The issue is it is happening on large quantity of people, not just a small amount

Could you send me the game link?

That’s wierd.

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Are you using DataStore2 as well? I’m having the same problem when a player gets suddenly disconnected. I tried testing my datastore2 by shutting down the server, turning off my wifi, kicking myself and my data is always correct whenever I rejoin the game. My players also reported this problem to me and I don’t know what’s going wrong. :frowning: