Players moving cannon

Hey guys

For my game we are working on our cannons we have the loading and fire almost done. We are trying to make it so that the players can move the cannon around the map without horse but by hand.

If you watch this video here’s kind of a example of what we what to achieve

Any tips and ways we should dev this would be loved!


Why not treat the cannon as a Pet and use the Pet follow technique?
If so search for Pet Follow.

No, That would just look very weird.

Do you want to move the cannon with 1 person or 2 persons?

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Both, with one person, it will go slower, but with two a little faster, we are trying to put some sort of teamwork into this

I can think of some ways to accomplish this, one way I would do is to have a BasePlayer and a Helper. The role of the BasePlayer will be to set a destination for where they want to roll it, then you can have the helper just stay on the other side of the canon and push.

You could also have both players control one side of the steering, one controls the left steering and one will control the right steering, together if they push at one will go forward, if the left pushes then they will go right, so on and so forth.

One last way you could do this is to have both player be animated onto the Cannon, then have nodes make a set path for the canon to travel on. It won’t cause a conflict with players and they will think they are both helping.