Players not Buying with Robux

I have a simulator game that I released, and It, so far, has over 20K visits. The problem is, barely any players are spending robux! I don’t know why. I made the gamepasses useful, I advertised it all around the game (not too much, but enough so they know it’s there), and I made them relatively cheap. Still, nobody is buying anything.

So why aren’t they buying anything? I’ve tried my best to make a profit, but nothing’s working.

Here’s the game I’m talking about:

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It’s too expensive for a generic game like this :confused:
I suggest you lower them by 50%-85%. Better than nothing, eh?


i only see 1 active in you game, maybe they dont like the game and then dont have a reason to buy

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Like @Megalodox_Official said these gamepasses are really expensive. I would at least lower them by 100 robux each.

Also, do you happen to know how many unique players/returning players are playing? If it’s nearly all unique players gamepass sales are likely to be low.

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As said by others, your gamepasses might be out of the budget range some have.

You might wanna get them to a lower price, you could create new gamepasses that are more aimed at cosmetic aspects or fun aspects (or even make it free, since I don’t think anyone want to spend in a couple bucks for a color change lol).

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I don’t know if OP changed the prices, but I think these prices are fine.

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Let’s say your game isn’t that bad, but with healthy mind we can cleary see and know that out there are much better games with even cheaper gamepasses.

1. What is the problem?
The problem is your game desing.
Market with tycoon games is really hard to get succeeded with, because there are too many other much better tycoon games than yours. Which isn’t an insult, just a statement. So player doesn’t feel any need to buy a gamepass in your game, when he knows there are better games he can waste his money on.

2. How to fix this problem?
In real life, we see 2 types of successful business:
1) Take someone’s idea, and make it better, give them something new, entertaining.
2) Original idea - Which is really hard to figure out, but If you do have a really good concept, don’t wait for anything.

If you are trying to copy a concept, It’s not a bad strategy, but only If the market is new and fresh, not If It’s already hyped out and there are tons of other same stuff.
Get yourself a coffee, sit in your chair, play some nice songs and think straight… Try to imagine things and analyze the market, make a plan, write down all your ideas and pick the best ones.
Then take your concept and transform it into a game, and don’t forget to watch out for prices!

Wish you the best of luck, buddy!


You seem to have around 1 concurrent player.
My game that averages around 35 concurrent players gets about 2k robux a day.
Do some math, you should be getting about:
57 robux per day. Does this accurately reflect your income?

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