Players not on other players screens

So in my game, I will get complaints from players that they cant see other people that are right in front of them, and they will be in crazy areas on there screen. Its annoying and I have no clue what causes it

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This question is WAY too broad. Can you please elaborate? Is there a script that might cause this? You really need to be more specific than that. Make sure to read the guidelines for this category before posting!

I apologize, basically what is happening is that, players 80% can see others just fine, and then sometimes, a player will for some reason, be in a totally different area than the other players and the player themselves see. It seems to a local thing, I have very few local scripts that would do anything to the player, I have a sprint script, a crawl script and thats pretty much it.

What you’re describing sounds like a player ping issue, sadly there isn’t truly a “fix” for laggy players, but if this is badly effecting your game I would suggest adding a check for the players ping and telling them weather or not they can play. I’m not sure if there are other methods to this but I know it sucks and is insignificant sadly. It could also be caused by a script of yours, but Might be less likely, I would check and debug the scripts before determining it’s a key factor to it. I cause of a script causing this would be if something targets a player on the client such as anchoring a part of a humanoid. as client sided a player would be unable to see them.

or like what @TerrorPieYT said It could just be a bug that came out of a roblox update.

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Indeed. Many Games has been having this issue lately due to Roblox’s new update.

Their new update has caused Visual Bugs (Such as what you mentioned on about a Player not seeing a Player even though they are right in front of them).

Sadly, there is nothing we can do, so it’s up to Roblox to patch this bug.

Something similar happens to my project (not released). However, in my case you cannot see players right in front of you even though they are literally right there (I’ve tried to use billboard guis as “esp” to see if the players are right in front of you according to your client and they were, but their character was invisible). This in my case, seems like a sorta rendering issue which I’ve absolutely no idea how to fix. If you can relate, then we’re suffering from the exact same issue.

Note: in my case, this is irrelevant to either pings.


Like already mentioned by @TerrorPieYT , roblox is having issues right now, it’s not just your game