Players not staying in game - Boring game?

We are currently working on a game and are in the pre-alpha stage. we spent money towards advertisements so we could gain players however, most players usually leave after 1 minute of joining and others who have played their first session don’t join at all after.

Is there anything we can do to fix this?

link to the game if needed:


To be honest, I have not played your game yet… but make sure your game is looking professional. Be creative. Also, make sure there aren’t any bugs or something that irritates the player when they join.

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Well firstly, I would definitely not recommend spending any advertisements on a game unless it is completed. After checking the game out, I would assume that most people leave initially since after completing the tutorial (which is rather lengthy, I recommend adding a skip button), I had no weapon to attack the mobs with. I eventually figured out to equip it, but for a lot of younger users (which are who play most Roblox games) that takes a while and most would eventually leave after not figuring it out or giving up. The other reason I could see is that the starting area is quite bland, nothing really pops. The trick to getting player retention up in the beginning is to make something that will really show out and pop, that way you can get them interested. The other problem it could be is simply because of how much you spent on the ads, since after a certain amount you will get larger amounts of players joining. Once again, I must strongly suggest that you wait until you fully finish the game to use ads, but regardless I hope this helps.


I will try work on all of those and you have a point. Thanks for helping !

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Before playing: I don’t really know how to word this but i will try, as far as simulators go they are usually somewhat fun. Going into a simulator you usually know what to expect, however, something like “Royal knights simulator” seems oddly specific for the genre of simulators. When i see “Snow shoveling simulator” or “Mining simulator” I know exactly what i will be doing when i join the game. When it comes to “Royal knight simulator” i don’t really know going into it. What is a royal knight? What do they do? That leads me to create my own image of what i might be doing in my head, this often leads to unmet expectations. Everyone is different though.

After playing: Its very click intensive and the AI could use some work. Also, i think people often have the perception going into a simulator that it will be “cartoony” and low-poly looking. Its a little different seeing a smooth terrain world and realistic trees in a simulator but its not that bad. As far as the gameplay goes it sure has potential. I’d suggest making it so you can hold mousebutton1 to attack constantly rather than clicking each time.

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Hello @InternallyAmplified!

Your game is very fun and is well made but I have some pieces of advice for you!;

Text on weapon UI

While looking at the the weapons, I noticed that the text looked unsatisfying. The text was out the box and slanted at a weird angle.


I would honestly suggest just to use pictures instead. Pictures are more helpful and “eye-satisfying” to the player for many reasons. One reasons is that a picture shows what the players wants to buy. Lets say the name is “Death sword” they wouldn’t care that much since all you show is the text. If you would show an image, the player would be interested in the product and would be persuaded to buy it.

Surface UI’s

The surface UI’s on the blocks of the egg are very hard to read.


The player sho,s buting this wouldn’t know how much it costs because they won’t be able to see it clearly.

Lack of detail on egg.

Okay, telling you know, this will be a long one.
First of let me say that the eggs all look the same. Same shape. Same color. Same everything. Any player would be bored by this. Not caring about the eggs, the reason why? There is no detail. Take the picture of bubble gum simulator eggs as an example.


Look at the egg here, the detail, and look at yours:

Plain, undetailed eggs. I don’t mean to make you feel bad, I just want to help you. I could think of a few ways to make your eggs look more “eye-catching”

  • Detail, detail on the egg, like in the bubble gum sin picture. Say if the egg had a crystal sword in it. You would mapr crystal popping out of the egg.

  • Movement, amale the egg shake or go up and down. This movement would catch the players eye and would make them want to see more.


The NPC’s don’t fight back or follow me at all unless I attack them.

This makes the game way boring since you have to greet the NPC’s in order to have a battle. They should just chase you around.

UI Design in General

Your UI’s are nice but some could be worked on:


There is the huge space that is empty and doesn’t look pleasant. Add something there or remove it.

The swords dont go all the way up the skull, they should.


Your game is great! I think changing and playing around with certain stuff in your game would help with tour player problem.


Your game might not be boring, it might just have some fatal issues that drive players away. Small issues can make or break a game.

My Advice: Get your game QA tested.

It’s a great free way to quality check your game, they do great work.

How would i get it QA tested, and what does it mean to get it QA tested?

Thank you soo much for that feedback, i appreciate you took the time to help me out. I will work on everything you mentioned asap. Thank you ! :smiley:

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You could join the QA disc server and doll out a fourm.

Alright, i will do that as soon as I get all those things fixed. Thanks again, you’re a legend