Players re-joining too quickly while data is still saving from previous session?

Theoretically, a player has left my game and re-joined very quickly (and ended up on a different server). However not to their knowledge, Set/UpdateAsync fails when trying to store their data from the first session. It is scripted to retry every 10 seconds, and luckily for this player, it succeeds on the third try. But by the time their data succeeded in saving, they were already in the new session and had loaded outdated data.

Is there a way to let other servers know that it isn’t safe to load data while there’s a datastore failure, or any way to get around it?

Criminality has an issue like this and the way they resolve this is by kicking the player and alerting them about what happened, you can try this with similar message and if you have a discord server you could tell them to contact your game support staff if you have one.
This is what the kick message usually looks like
And yes as stated from reply below, the game does use MessagingService too.


You could use Messaging Service to try and locate if a player is in a server, if the player is found, update their data to the new data.

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