Players sometimes get fling when getting out of a vehicle

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I want to fix a bug in my game. The problem is in the title

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The issue is that when player get out of a vehicle in my game and jump, sometime the player get fling when in the air. I do not know what causes this but I do know that it’s might not be a scripting problem because there are no errors. It might just be a vehicle seat bug because I experienced this in some other game as well

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

I tried searching for solutions but I can’t find any.

I also do not have a video or screen shot for this sorry because It only happen sometimes.

Anyone that have experience this and have a solution please tell, I would be very appreciated.

It may be a Collusion problem, u can turn can collide to false or make a collusion group. Other than that, u can directly change the humanoid root part position to the door of ur vehicle by using Cframe.RightVector.

the car probably sets the characters Massless to true. If it doesn’t set it to Massless=false when they leave the car then it should, and if it does then theres a delay making the character fling before the mass can be returned