Players spawning on roof despite plenty of room

Howdy! I’m Alfred.

I’m having an issue where some of my team spawns are causing the player to spawn on the roof, despite there being room for atleast 4 players to stack on top of eachother. I appreciate a response.

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Hello there!

Would you mind showing us a photo of the spawn?

Please find attached the spawn. The spawn is located right under the bottom rig’s feet.

Usually that happening when you’re spawning players somewhere with their Position property and not their CFrame.

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How do you recommend doing this, and how should I do it team-only?

Can you show us the size of your spawn object?

And one more question. Are you using a SpawnLocation object or just a part and scripting the spawning?

SpawnLocation, I meant to post this in Game development rather than scripting support but clicked the wrong tab.

You could just make the size bigger so that they can spawn in a bigger area.

Spawn-stacking is usually pretty wonky. I would suggest multiple small, and close together spawns for a team. This way the player still spawn very close, but they don’t stack.

Also I should add that another benefit to this is the game looks more thought-out. Players stacking at spawn can make a game look rather rushed, underdone, or just simply doesn’t have enough effort.
That last part is just my opinion though!

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This did not work. I made the spawnlocation as big as the room and they still spawned on the roof.

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I’m unsure if anybody understands, even if there is no player obstructing, I still spawn on the roof, the rigs were just as an example to show the amount of room.

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Even if there’s no players it will still spawn you on the roof? It looks like there is way more then enough room so that is very odd indeed. I thought they fixed SpawnLocation Objects for the same reason you are running into… You could script a custom team spawner and I could guide you through that if you want to go that route. Maybe there’s some invisible parts with collision on that is obstructing their spawns but if not I would just create a custom spawn system.


Thanks for offering your assistance. Please find a message in your DevForum inbox.

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You could manually set the spawn of the player by changing their position or CFrame value.

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