Players spinning when tool clipping through body. Roblox update? [Fixed]

Edit: Fixed.
Edit: This bug has returned again. Previously it seemed to be caused by some sort of centre of mass update.

Recently players in RoBowling have started to slowly spin in circles when holding a bowling ball.

This seems to be caused by the hit box of the ball clipping through the player or any hats they are wearing. This has only occurred over the past few days and no updates have been made our side. The same thing seems to be happening in other games such as Azure Mines where you start to spin when holding the pickaxe however the effects are less obvious here.

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if this was caused by an update on Roblox’s side? I have since fixed it by temporarily making the hit box of the ball smaller but setting the tool to CanCollide false doesn’t seem to prevent the issue.

Edit: Could be more mass and center of gravity related.

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This happened when I was holding an epic katana in another game earlier today, didn’t think it was something until I saw this so maybe I thought is a problem

So that’s what it was! I have a custom tool that doesn’t use a handle but rather just welds an object into the player’s hands and this happens.

In a game I’m working on, a similar issue occours - although we use a custom character - if I anchor the character, or have a BodyPosition in it (and remove this effect a second later), somehow it starts spinning around itself, like in the picture, but also tilts a little.

In this clip, the character is not anchored, and does not contain any bodymover objects. The effect lasts for roughly 15-20 seconds, before jumping lets me break out of the glitched mode.

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Lmao, I’m glad we’re not the only ones experiencing it

Since this definitely seems to be a bug it might be good to move this thread to Client bugs.

This is my favourite feature.

I was having issues with this just this morning, trying to make some custom tools. I didn’t have any that overlapped the character body, so that may be a red herring. What I did notice is that GripPos and mass of the tool are definitely factors. The more offset the GripPos from 0,0,0 it seems, the larger the effect. Likewise with mass, which is the product of the density (0.7 unless you’ve set a custom one) and the volume of the tool’s bounding box. If you set the tool parts’ density to 0.01, things don’t go crazy; I’d be curious if this workaround works for anyone else experiencing this.

Also of note, the bad behavior changes dramatically with different camera modes. In non-mouse-locked mode, you get this spinning, most easily observed after jumping. In first-person or shift-locked mode, very weird things happen, especially when running in any direction besides forward and jumping at the same time. It’s very easy to make a highly unstable tool that moves you in unexpected directions and flings you about, especially in camera-locked modes. Try out the attached file to repro in Play Solo: try the yellow tool first, jump in place, and see if you rotate for a short while after landing. Then try running and jumping with the red tool, and be prepared not to survive it…

DangerousTools.rbxl (13.0 KB)

@Sharksie and myself noticing this as well in separate projects. We aren’t using any tools but we have pieces clipping the body. Here’s an example from one of my games

Maybe it has nothing to do with clipping and more to do with mass and center of gravity. Making my bowling ball smaller would have adjusted that.

Yes, what I’m seeing definitely has to do with where the character’s overall center of mass ends up with the extra bits attached. But there may also be a camera/orientation vector component, as the center of mass alone does give me an intuitively-obvious explanation for why, when I have one of these high-mass tools, running backwards and jumping in shift-locked mode actually launches my character in the forward direction, and diagonally when strafing/sidestepping (rather than the expected result of more spinning if the force is applied to the humanoid)

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We enabled a change that could result in something like this on Thursday. The change has been disabled a few minutes ago, can somebody confirm the current status (whether the problem has been fixed)?

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It appears to have been fixed. The issue I was having is now fixed and behaviour is back to normal. Thank you.

The rotational instability in my unsafe tool demo is now gone. Curiously, the running backwards/sideways while jumping in mouse-locked or shift-lock mode issue remains. It appears to be specific to jumping while in locked camera mode, and the tool position offset and mass are still key factors. I’ve uploaded the latest version of my repro for this here: Dangerous Tool Mk2 I’ve exaggerated the values to make it really obvious. The repro is: Zoom in to first-person, or use shift-lock, run in any direction other than forward, jump. One jump should be all it takes. Using shift-lock and zooming way out makes it easiest to see what’s going on.

This bug has returned again.
Edit: Fixed

I think a variation of this bug has popped up again with recent updates. I noticed players spinning in my game and others after equipping basic tools

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Can confirm. It appears to only happen with others’ characters and not your own (replication issue?). From what I can tell it started the week of 7/9 - 7/15.

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I noticed the same

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