Players tilting on local

Basically, when you join the game many players will stand up straight but some will be tilted for any reason. My suspicion is that a :FireAllClients() tween was causing the issue but i dont really have anything else to replace it with. Would there be any way to fix players getting tilted?

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This doesn’t just happen, you must have an animation or script or bodymover or something that is applying the tilt. From the appearance, looks like something is probably changing the CFrame of one of their joints, like the Root Motor6D.

Ive actually had the exact same thing happen in my game, and I dont know how to fix it either.

In my game I call :FireAllClients on a remote that creates tweens on the client, to rotate the RootJoint, to make your character upside down. And when a new player joins, the server calls :FireClient for the new player to make other players upside down for them as well. The weird thing is that this is toggleable, and I dont exactly remember what it did, but Im pretty sure when resetting the Motor6D back to the default, the character stands up straight, but then is tilted again when applying the 180 degree angle.

Additionally, since the server doesnt do the tweening, all characters are standing up normally in server view, but every client can see that someones character is tilted incorrectly.

Do you have something similar in your game? It has been a long time since Ive seen this happen in mine, so I dont even know anymore

The problem wasnt the fireallclients tween, turns out it was me changing player orientation before the tween. I deleted the line and it seems to work fine.

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