PlayerScript camera bugs

  • The camera in studio is very slow and jumps every once in a while as if I suddenly moved it a couple hundred pixels in the direction I was dragging
  • The Follow camera doesn’t start taking affect until your camera collides with something, also doesn’t have any affect for a couple seconds after you manually move the camera

Not sure if that second one is intended. The first one makes it a pain to test things in play solo. I don’t think it was happening during the previous version of the PlayerScripts. Would be great if it was fixed ASAP.

I’m using windows 8.1, I have HardwareMouse disabled. Not sure if any other info is relevant…

I can confirm that first problem. I also believe it’s the same problem that causes this. The camera speeds are basically the same in that bug report and the new camera scripts.

To add to this, you can no longer use right-click to move the camera while sat in a seat or VehicleSeat

If you have found any camera issues, please post in this thread.

If we can get the following, it would help us troubleshoot any problems even faster:

  1. the place that has the issue
  2. a detailed description of what the issue is
  3. a detailed description of what should be happening