Players.LocalPlayer Documentation is outdated and broken

The documentation for Players.LocalPlayer is outdated & contains broken text.

For example, the first code sample demonstrates a deprecated API, Player.CharacterAppearance. This API was superseded by Humanoid Descriptions, and even states in the documentation

This item is deprecated. Do not use it for new work.

While still on the first sample, a second API that is only accessible in the command bar is used called Player:LoadCharacterBlocking. On this page, the API states the following:

This member cannot be used in scripts, but is usable in the command bar.

The second code sample is also not even a usable method, Player:SetAccountAge. This is only accessible in the command bar or plugin. Again, this is not even usable yet it’s provided as an example with the following statement to start:

This example demonstrates how the Player:SetAccountAge function would be used if it was accessible.

The LocalPlayer page needs a complete rewrite & provided modern day examples with API we can utilize.


The page for LocalPlayer has been given a facelift! It’s now got an example for a very common use case on it, which will be infinitely more helpful to devs unfamiliar with it. Let me know if there’s more room for improvement:

Edit: I’m aware of the broken link to the client-server model article. Will fix Soon :tm:


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