Playground textures are reloaded after the application is deployed on a mobile device

The map textures are reloaded if you collapse and expand the application on a mobile device.

Game: [UPD 6 + πŸŽƒ] Anime Champions Simulator - Roblox , Basketball Playgrounds - Roblox , The Ride ( BETA ) - Roblox
Platform: Android/iOS
Repro Frequency: 100%
Reproduction Steps:

  1. Log in to the game on your mobile device
  2. Get to PG
  3. Collapse and expand the application
  4. Pay attention that textures are loaded again after the application is deployed

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Isn’t it supposed to happen? It seems that also each BasePart and Union, basically every Instance with a Content property reloads, maybe except for Sounds.


This also happens on VR when you take off the headset and put it back on.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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This is working as intended.

During window minimization we unload mesh + texture memory as it is a large portion of memory available for the device. Once refocused it reloads.

(The part where you see the old frame with all the content for a brief moment is not common across all devices and seems to be that the driver holds the old swapchain image. On most devices we tested with you just get a black screen upon transitioning back to the app)