Playing an avatar emote via chat or Humanoid:PlayEmote() without the PlayEmote bindable crashes Roblox

Attempting to play an emote, either via chat or with Humanoid:PlayEmote() without the PlayEmote bindable event placed under the default Animate localscript will cause a crash to desktop, sometimes with the “unexpected error” message. This occurs both in studio and in live games.

The default emotes (/e dance, /e wave, /e point etc) are not affected and instead display an error in chat saying “You can’t use Emotes here” as intended, and you can’t use the emote menu if the bindable doesn’t exist either (even if it’s already open when destroyed).


  1. Remove the PlayEmote bindable event from the default Animate script under the player’s character
  2. Type /e (emote) with any non-default emote or call Humanoid:PlayEmote(emote) on the character’s humanoid


(while i had some plugins enabled they aren’t the source of the issue)

Place files

emoteCrash.rbxl (52.7 KB)

The “T” emote is automatically added to the humanoid for easy testing, type /e t to crash the game

Log file


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.