Playing Animations on a Character Without Replication

Hey all,

I am creating a first-person camera to integrate into a system that allows players to go into first-person from third-person and vice versa.

However, I have separate animations for first-person and third-person arm movements. I want all clients except the player’s own client to see the third-person arm animations. I want the player’s own client to see the first person arm animations.

Right now, loading an animation on a character replicates. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a LocalScript or not. What are ideas or ways I can accomplish my goal?

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I’ve found a solution, but unfortunately it’s not the coolest. It’d be great if Roblox gave us a way to better control replicated animations…

Video below showing that my front-flip doesn’t replicate and instead I’ve told it to play a different animation on all other clients.

How I did this (for anyone who wants to do this)

  1. Had the server delete the Animator named “Animator” in the Humanoid
  2. Had all client’s delete the Animator named “Animator” in all character humanoids
  3. When a client plays an animation, it can choose to replicate it
  4. When “true” on replication, :FireServer() on a RemoteEvent that will tell all clients except the firing player’s client to create and play an animation (via :FireClient()) on a locally created Animator object for that firing player’s character. Clients are listening on the same RemoteEvent for a client-event telling them what to replicate and on which player’s character.

Then the result in the video is achieved. You now have control over which animations get replicated and/or which to only play on a single client.

I did this so I can achieve a first-person camera that shows (for the player in first person) different animations than all other clients see.