Playing certain sound and resetting character crashes all clients

Sounds in Roblox are still bugged and cause crashes. I’ve encountered an issue in my game (the game lets users play their own sounds via boomboxes) which allowed person to crash all the clients (not the server though) using one sound and resetting their character.


  1. Sound with specific id is played (probably bypassed)
  2. Person resets the character
  3. In the moment of character despawn, all clients connected to the server will crash

In the example, sound is parented to character’s HumanoidRootPart. Will update this thread upon checking if the same issue happens in other scenarios.

Update: Seems there’s an additional condition necessary for this to happen. The sound has to have Looped property set to true. The client is always crashed if sound’s parent (which is a BasePart) is removed.

Therefore following below steps:

  1. Playing a specific looped sound parented to part (may be preview in studio)
  2. Removing the part

Will crash the client.

The bug happens on all PC clients (both game and studio) at least. Tried on client version 0.459.2.415937.

Since it wouldn’t be clever to share the sound id, I’ve created a repo place.

After joining the game, wait ~20 seconds and your client will crash due to one sound. It will freeze first and after minute or two it will display Roblox crash notification.

Log files
There’s nothing specific visible in the logs. The client simply crashes with no log.


0:15 - Studio freezes and then crashes.


Thank you for reporting this; I’m investigating


I reported this on HackerOne 2 weeks ago.

@ReallyLongArms dm me for the link to the report.

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