Playing NPC Animations on the Server or Client

My question is should I run an walk cycle animation for an NPC on the server or on the client?
The problem is if I do it on the client which is less load on the server, I will have to fire a remote event to all the clients a lot since the NPC’s animation pauses and resumes a lot.

Im pretty sure that animations played on the character locally automatically replicate to the server for everyone else to see it. AniamtionConroller auto replicates.

So if the animation is on the NPC, I should load and start it on the server. But that will happen on the server and thus be unnecessary load for the server.

You can use FireAllClients if you are worried about the playing animation being an unnecessary load; though the server is already telling the clients to play and stop the animation. I don’t think that stopping and playing the animations would cause the server that much stress either way.

Animations should replicate to the server anyway so they only need to be played from one client in order for them to replicate to every client.

he’s talking about npcs, those aren’t native played locally

True, I overlooked that, I thought he was referring to player animations.