Playing Roblox on Windows 11 ARM is possible

Today I’m here to show you that you can play Roblox on Windows 11 ARM totally legit.
I’m owner of a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with Microsoft SQ3 CPU (arm64).

How to play Roblox?

  • Install “APK Installers” by wherewhere from Windows Store (click here);
  • Download Roblox APK file (search it on Google);
  • Open “APK Installers” and click on “Select” button then choose the APK file downloaded;
  • A dialog require you to install WSA. Just click the button “Install WSA” and install it;
  • When you have installed it, close Windows Store and APK installation window;
  • Go to Start and search “Android”, then open “Windows Subsystem for Android” with a green icon;
  • Go to “Advanced settings” tab and check “Developer Mode”, then click the link “Manage developer options” and wait until it’s loaded;
  • Close all windows and reopen “APK Installers”;
  • Select another time the Roblox APK;
  • Consent the Debug ADB and click “Start WSA” then click “Install”;
  • Congratlations! You can play Roblox!


It feels like a drowning man will clutch at a straw…
I don’t think that is a solution to fix the problem. also, WSA is going to end support…

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Your comment makes no sense. In my tablet it works very well considering the hardware. WSA will no longer be “supported” but can still be used.

PS: Propose your own solution.