Playlist / Spotify Remake

[ Inspired by @MrCandyDev ]

Was bored and looking for something to create, came across this cool UI! (Look below for picture and above for credit).

Now for my UI!

Mine is not functional and I do like CandyDev’s way more than mine. Here is mine, let me know what you think!

Remade this while looking at spotify, I think it will look better once I add decals.
(RobloxCoreGUI Style)


Your creation is looking really great! Congrats for your work.

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Looks awesome, I really don’t have much to say, though I would personally include a colour scheme.

This looks amazing, the only thing I recommend is making the Bluetooth button smaller but otheriwse, keep up the good work!

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Actually, I quite like yours more (although you did steal someone else’s design language).

I would suggest removing the play buttons from the playlist. We already know that by pressing on a song it will play.

Additionally, the play button is a bit stretched. I’d like all the icons (except the share and three dots icon, those are fine) to be a little smaller.

There are also a couple of features that you missed. After all, if you’re going to copy Spotify you might as well copy all of it…

Click on the image to see a larger version

However, your UI design is lovely and feels like an actual Roblox product. Keep going!


I agree but I guess for just for new-ish users, although this probably will not ever be functioning unless I care enough to. Guess just for the style.

It seems to be stretched because in the plugin I used (Interface Tools Pro) and just rotated the Image 90 degrees.

I will keep this into mind and most likely add the liking a song. As once again I wont be using this as a genuine music UI.

Thank you for the feedback!

And just wondering? Does this mean like stealing ROBLOX’s style?

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Was kinda going for the ROBLOX look, very modern and plain. I will think about this for future UI’s though!
Thank you

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Perhaps steal is too strong a word, but yes.

This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but I’d love to see what you’d design for yourself :smile:

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Ah! This is one of my first time trying this type of style! I don’t imagine using this except for professional mock-up ui’s.


Dam thats really nice i itself like the way you have made it. I would give it a 9/10.

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Btw I did some redesign on my UI.
This is the changes.
Mobile Song Playlist UI Design