PlayMusic is not a valid member of ReplicatedStorage


I noticed some odd messages appearing in my output console that I can’t work out. They appear even when I start a new project from the classic baseplate before doing anything.

  23:37:45.806  PlayMusic is not a valid member of ReplicatedStorage "ReplicatedStorage"  -  Edit
  23:37:45.806  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  23:37:45.806  Script 'cloud_6283877053.Sound.LocalScript', Line 1  -  Studio
  23:37:45.806  Stack End  -  Studio

Are these standard messages? Is this a bug? Should I be concerned? I have tried deleting Studio and re-installing but they are still there.

Im on a 2015 MacBook.


Can anyone offer any advice? I have search the forum and can’t find anything related.

Sounds like a plugin or main module.

It’s probably from a plugin, I never got it

Thank you! It was indeed a plugin! Process of elimination narrowed it down.

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