[PLDC] Group/Comp Guide

PLDC hosts seasonal competitions regarding dance. To do the routine you must sign up.You will choose your category, routine yourself, or with your group, music, etc.

Some general rules;

  • No fake coaching.

  • No causing drama.

  • No hacking.

  • No trolling.

  • Being nice and respectful to those around you.


Competitions are held each month, if not each 2-3 months. The competitions don’t go with themes, but we may change that within the future.


PLDC includes categories at the moment Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop, Jazz. We also have 2 levels, junior and mini’s. You will complete your routine according to the following. The routine can be made by you, or with the group you are competing with, or you can just improv when on stage.

You may compete as a soloist, duos, trios, or group routines.

We do not use requirements and deductions, this means you improv, or you can have a routine ready.

We highly recommend you have the routine ready.


As PLDC we have awards for each comp:

  • Mini Medalist (To those who competed in the Mini category with the second highest score)

  • Junior Medalist (To those who competed in the Junior category with the second highest score)

  • Gold Medalist (Those who had the highest score)

Team Awards

Not only solo/group awards, also team awards:

  • Best Group Routine (To those who had the best group routine/s)

  • Team Choreography (Best choreography counting all of their routines)

  • Team Creativity (Most creative routines)

  • Team Overall (Won most awards)


  • We host seasonal competitions (2-3 months or each month)

  • We include 4 categories: Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop, Jazz.

  • Routines can be pre-made or just improv.

  • This is for fun, not for winning.

  • We have team awards, which are: Best Group Routine, Team Choreography, Team Creativity, Team Overall.


Do I have to use my whole song?

Mhm. That would not give you the maximum of the timing criteria.

When are schedules out?

Schedules are out when they are ready.

When do I compete?

You may look at your time on the schedules both posted on twitter and dizzy.

Where do you host practices?

In the practice studio!

Other questions can be posted on our dizzy or twitter.