Please add a UGC application process

Everyone is arguing that UGC accessories allow creators to make a living wage.
It is a lot of money, but that’s only because few people have access to uploading UGC hats. As soon as uploading UGC accessories becomes public to everyone, these sales will substantially drop.

One million pennies given to one person is a very good salary.
One million pennies split between thousands of people is not a salary at all.

The thirty percent cut that Roblox gets will probably be enough for them to profit but, from my limited perspective, this is definitely an investment into the future.
I totally agree with the idea that more people should be accepted into UGC.
UGC is very ambitious, and the money doesn’t make things easier.

I think we should all be grateful and patient.


yes, I agree with your point. when the UGC application (if it ever does) get released even if being apart of the DevForum is a requirement, the tax payment to Roblox will definitely rise overtime.

I suspect from 30% tax profit, it’d rise up to 80% if not higher. hats and accessories are the most profitable items in the catalog right now and if it gets released to the public, there will obviously be higher tax so there’s more profit on Roblox’s (as a company’s revenue) side.

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I think the 30% tax is pretty reasonable.
That’s still around 1/3ed of the profit.
I doubt they’d go to 80%, that seems crazy high.
They want to attract quality artists, I don’t think they’d be that crazy.

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Hi there,

I’m going to bump this request to let you know that this is coming very soon.

Learn more @


That’s absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing this clip here.


This is now a thing! Thanks!