UGC Catalog Applications - Now Open!

Developers and creators,

Many of you have been eagerly waiting for our User-Generated Content (UGC) program to open up to more creators and we’re excited to announce that we are officially opening applications… today!

Thanks to your hard work and support, the UGC program has grown significantly over the past year. Our team is still devoted and is actively working on opening the UGC Catalog to everyone and this application system is the next step towards that goal.

While we’re excited to be opening the UGC Catalog program for applications, we want to be very clear:

This is a temporary solution to accommodate adding as many new creators to the program as we can support, and we are currently very limited in how many can be accepted at a time. We are actively working on a solution to the limitations, but we do not have an estimate for when the program can be opened more broadly. Because so few applicants can actually be accepted, this process may feel frustrating and draining for some of you. However, we encourage you to keep honing your skills in anticipation of the program being opened more broadly in the future!

To summarize, while we are adding more people than we previously have been through this application process, we are still very much limited in how many can be added. We are working to broaden the program as soon as possible, but we do not have an estimate at this time.

We hope you are as excited for this as we are! Being a part of the UGC program is a great way to share your creations and passion for Roblox. If you’re interested in applying, please carefully read the criteria below. Remember, there are a limited number of seats and this application should be taken seriously as you may have to wait a few weeks before having an opportunity to apply again.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

Application Guidelines

Anyone interested in joining the program is welcome to apply! However, please note that this program is in high demand and we are only accepting a limited number of people. We hope that these guidelines help you determine if you’re a great fit for this program.

  • Be a Good Community Member

Participants in this program have a highly-visible position, therefore, we are looking for active contributors who follow our community guidelines.

  • Submit Creative & Unique Ideas

We are still working toward our goal that every Roblox user has the opportunity to create and sell avatar items. In the meantime, we want to simulate that future with as much creativity as we can fit into the avatar shop. For this reason, we are currently seeking creators with distinctive items and unique ideas. If you think you have what it takes to catch our attention, show us what you’ve got!

  • Show Your Passion

Since we are only accepting a limited number of creators at a time, we want to ensure that those chosen are the ones who are truly passionate and will make the most of their time during the program. Your participation will ultimately help shape the program and the content in the Avatar Shop!

  • Follow Basic UGC Catalog Program Guidelines

Both the creator and the content must adhere to our Terms of Use, DMCA Guidelines, and program guidelines (details of this will be expanded further if accepted).

All of these are general guidelines, and exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Ready to Apply?

Please submit your application through this link!

Note: All materials must be provided and all questions must be answered fully for consideration.

Application Process

Since we take the time to review every application individually, it may take multiple weeks for you to hear back from us. The application form will automatically close once the wave limit has been reached, so apply as quickly as you are able to.

After we have reviewed your application, we will send you a message via the Dev Forum with information about your submission status. If your application is accepted, we will contact you and begin the onboarding process. If your application is rejected, you will receive a notice letting you know that you were not accepted into the program at this time. We encourage you to continue working on your portfolio and to consider applying again in the future!

Once we have finished reviewing a submission wave, we will open applications again and repeat the process. Depending on the number of submissions, this process could range anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Discussion Thread

We have locked this announcement in order to provide clear, easily noticeable updates on the application process and waves in the future. We’ve created a separate, official discussion thread for this announcement where you can post your questions and feedback:

Good luck to all who apply, and thank you again!

Developer Relations