Please add more mods in the mod_review_requests group

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to quickly and efficiently get moderated assets/clothes restored.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because both mine and other people’s clothes are being bombarded with false reports, causing them to get deleted every couple of hours even though they’ve been restored over 30 times. This has been an issue for a couple weeks and it seems like not many people are listening to us. This slices my revenue in half. As of right now, there are only 2 people in the group.

This group has been amazing at restoring my clothes, but I feel like it’d make it more quick and efficient for everyone to add more mods in this group as for me, it’s the only option as Roblox support can be unreliable sometimes, and take days to restore assets.

As stated, there are only 2 people in there and I feel like it would benefit many people, including myself, if a few more people were added into the group as there did used to be more.

Thank you.


It makes more sense to contact Support - Roblox and leave the current mods to moderating and improving other areas of the forum. There used to be about 8 or more(?) mods in there a year ago, they downsized for a reason.


Thing is, contacting support really isn’t that viable for me nowadays. My pants have been deleted and restored around 50 times due to mass reporters, and they’re not responding now, whereas mod_review_requests are the only ones who even restore it now. Other clothing creators are experiencing this too.


I can see where your coming from, whenever I need something manually approved cause I know it isn’t bad but it still got moderated I go to mod_view_request cause the Support team simply isn’t a good place to get anything reapproved.

A good majority of the time its bots who respond to those and when you do get a human its usually copy and paste of the usual “Were sorry but we can not assist you further” with a bunch of other gibberish.


I actually made a post on the fact that there were 4 in the past but most of them were inactive (not on in months), tbh having 2 mods that are on regularly is better than 4 that are on once every 2-3 weeks (yes this was how often the most active one was on).

Roblox Support has never actually restored all my assets (they seem to forget about restoring them), and they just said to reupload them with a pixel changed. Roblox Support are more for questions not action.

This is surprisingly counter intuitive for many reasons.
I recently tried contacting them about filing a counter claim (something that’s supposed to be a genuinely serious legal issue) and was met with nonstop copypastas telling me how to file a claim of my own (as in, claim someone else’s content) over 5 emails from my end, not including the original ticket.

If support can’t be trusted to take a legal issue seriously, much less spend five seconds reading a bold sentence stating as clearly and concisely as possible what is trying to be achieved, I wouldn’t even think for a second they’d care enough to help with incorrect moderation.

Edit: there have also been many horror stories on the devforum about the support staff outright not caring to do their job and denying DMCA claims simply because they “can’t control what is on a user’s computer”, and as posted in this same thread just above will simply tell you to just change a pixel and reupload the asset instead of taking the 5 seconds needed to actually do the job they’re allegedly being paid to do.

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The image was restored in a day. I don’t know what to tell you, Support does a fine job at restoring assets. Is the “change one pixel” thing based on the last sentence? I’ve never had to resort to that, they always restore the asset.

As of my experience, Support has always done a good job. A year ago before I knew ads had an asset ID, they asked for the ID to restore the ad, and I said “it doesn’t have one, it’s an ad.” 2-3 days later, it was restored. They do take the time to “do their jobs” and I hardly want to hear any claims that they don’t. Therefore, I still do not support this request as Support is just fine for this issue.

Also, if you’re having problems doing a DMCA (which I have heard a few times, but it normally works), contact the copyright email of Roblox, who will definitely be more experienced in legal matters than a support team who normally answers questions and restores assets.

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dude, maybe you’re not a clothing seller and you can’t understand the pain we’re having right now. But that’s totally fine, don’t worry…ill explain it to you clearly:
Max, me and tons of other high clothings sellers are having a big issue that started 2-3 months ago (when the catalog algorithm changed). We all used to have our best sales clothes in the first and second page of the catalog and suddendly they started getting deleted…once every week…once every a couple of days…till now (multiple times a day). I personally own a group where i get 5-6 of my best selling clothes mass reported everyday (or at least 30-50 minutes after they get restored).
The roblox support system is too slow for us, sometimes they take 3-4 days to restore a single item, sometimes they don’t even reply, sometimes they reply with wrong answers and then correct themselves after we ask to check again. We literally have to send emails 24/24, everyday. We wake up and we see deleted clothes in our group’s store…we manage to restore them and after hours or even minutes they get deleted again. This is the most stressfull situation i’ve ever been in. And this makes us lose tons of profits.
It’s like adopt me being mass reported and closed once every day…it would lose tons of players and profits. But ofc it doesn’t happen with games, because their actual moderation system works better.


This likely won’t happen because the group wasn’t designed for scalability – only Roblox support itself is. If there is an influx in requests, the members of the group will not be able to respond as efficiently, if at all

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I’ve had good experience with them restoring assets but they’ve taken 5 days to respond before, and for clothing designers, this could mean thousands of Robux.

I do personally believe that there does need to be more staff

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