Please allow changes to accessory thumbnails/lighting in the asset settings

It’s impossible for creators to know what their accessory thumbnails will look like before paying $2.60 for the upload fee, and once that fee is paid no changes can be made.

The first thing a potential customer will see is the thumbnail, and if it isn’t very good they’ll likely not click through.

Please create a system that allows creators to change thumbnails and lighting settings like we would a title or description, as this would allow us to better display our accessories to the marketplace without having to gamble with unknown systems*.

*The system that creates thumbnails makes changes to pre-set thumbnail configurations on upload whether this is to change FOV to better fit the accessory when it is zoomed out, or other adjustments like lighting changes based on sun position.


I support this.

Having the ability to edit the thumbnail for a UGC item would be incredibly useful, as well as a way to preview what the final thumbnail looks like.

Any type of editing similar to the Avatar Icon Editor available on mobile and desktop app would probably suffice. Lighting, camera offset, and camera perspective.