[Please close] Need help with a Character without Humanoid

May I ask why no humanoid? I’ve never tried this myself so I’m not sure what the benefits would be.

Has almost no one actually tried to do this before?

Not that I know of 30chars

Well, in my case. It would benefit a lot. Since the game I recorded the video in is not mine. But is used to test and create scripts. Since then I wouldn’t have to worry about people who used leaked scripts mass-killing and a lot of more other stuff.

Interesting. Would giving infinite health not prevent that?

It seems it is possible to make a character without a humanoid, using animation controllers, I found a post on the devforums here, Custom Character/NPC without Humanoid

Nope. BreakJoints, Exploding. Trying to avoid that would be very difficult because the game has Instance limits on public servers.

Ah I see, that should work. Good luck to you. How are you gunna animate them?

Either CFrames, or Motors. Just like old roblox animations!

Nice! If you get it to work I bet it’ll look epic. I’d like to see it when it’s done

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It’s possible so Good Luck on that :tongue:


I obviously have 1 more problem, If I really want it to look like old roblox, I’ll need a single advice with blender. Because of specialmeshes. (Remember you can’t set MeshIds in MeshParts via scripts.) I’ll obviously post this in another category so I don’t break rules!

I have no idea how to use blender lol. Probably a youtube tutorial somewhere tho

Eh, It’s only the UV map showing on all sides at once.

I can’t really find any solution here. I guess I’ll just try to optimize the humanoid.

I can use blender (Pretty Much a Beginner) But still I can use it.

Wait… Are you sure you can help me with the UV mapping? (No unwrapping or stuff. Just make the UV map appear on a specified side just like roblox decals)

Yah just don’t expect it to be super amazing or top level. It would be decent

Okay. Let’s say we’ve got a mesh here.meshifunni
As you can see, the texture is being repeated on all faces, Good.
What I want is that the texture gets displayed on the front, Instead of all the faces.
UV Map has all faces.

Is there any way. I can delete these Maps, or any way I can hide them?

let me make a quick video lol 30chars