Please Criticize a UI of Mine

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Please give me criticism, feedback, and advice on this UI of mine. I made it a few weeks back and have mixed feelings regarding the shading, cleanup, and design in general.

I went for a beach-summer style and was originally planning to make an entire set.

I’m always looking for ways to improve so don’t be shy!

Thank you for your time and input. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Edit: Thank you all for your suggestions! From what I’ve gotten so far, the text is the most significant flaw in the UI, as well as the white border and the exit button.


I didn’t like the Text Font that much but everything other than that is clean and smooth, keep up the good work :)!

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I gotta say, this is super cool! I think you nailed a beach theme, and everything goes well together.

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I like this, but the font seems pretty weird. It’s kinda janky. Besides that, this is really good. Nice job!

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This looks amazing! The font doesn’t match the best but it doesn’t look bad either. I really like this UI, keep it up! You really nailed the beach vibe. :+1:

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It looks great!
Here are my suggestions though:

  1. Like @caviarbro said, maybe try changing the text font!

And that is my only suggestions! :grin:

Looks amazing(probally better than what i can do) but maybe change the font but besides that it looks good

Looks good, maybe change the font and the exit button to red?

everything is great the ui is a little small and very less inventory slots and the exit button sucks and the blue and yellow color dont match

I think the exit button would be better if it had an x on it. Besides that I think this I good!

Sorry but I don’t see anything to criticize, this look awsome!

It’s pretty good, however the sides of the UI look sort of weird.

That looks decent, except for the font, which (in my opinon), doesn’t look that entirely great. The white borders around the boxes could also be removed, as it seems extra.

The 3d look seems kind of weird.

The Boxes whould be better when they’re in the Middle of this white border or just remove the white border then I looks much better for me. (My opinon)

Maybe change the font and remove the white outline or change it to another colour , apart from that it looks great!!

The text font doesn’t seem to go along with the beach-theme. Other than that, the UI looks nice!

Looks great! I don’t know if the weird shading on the left is intentional or a watermark, but ignoring that, I like it alot! It feels like it would belong in a simulator/tycoon game, and I wish you the best of luck on improving your skills!