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How do I make a moving car script I am trying to make a cross road type game how would I make it so the cars move.

You can add a script to the seat.
So you want to check for a property change on Seat.Occupant so when the player sits it will get the character and player. From there you can make the client give the script the players input.

Here are some sources for your own research:

I want it to move without someone driving it.

Oh I didn’t see crossing roads type game sorry, best bet is to use Cframes and tweening like a moving obstacle to make it go across the road.

You can do this a number of ways. Add velocity to it, Or constraints / Forces.

Or you can set the models CFrame on a loop that makes it move a small ammount.
Or give it a humanoid and use :MoveTo(). (Opens up animation and pathfinding)

Would I put the humanoid in the car or in workspace and do I have to make a script

if you are making it a humanoid then you will put it into the model. Just remember to change all the humanoid settings and make sure the name and health dont pop up.