Please disable the horrible error sound everytime I exit my game

Everytime I close my studio window, I get a prompt saying that it’ll leave when it’s done saving. Great! I like knowing that. Unfortunately, I’m also greeted with a really loud sound that is most commonly heard when something goes wrong. Please can you disable that sound? It’s out of place and disturbs the quietness I enjoy late in the evening. Thanks :heart:


Are you referring to this issue by chance? I’ve never heard loud sounds after exiting Studio except for this issue.


This is certainly something to do with Windows and (iirc) unavoidable.

Are you referring to either of these sounds being played?

If you are referring to either of these sounds (or a sound that sounds similar as this is a Windows 10 version, XP, 7) this is typically a feature most programs have. It’s to stop you closing a program either pre-save, mid-save or without saving. The same effect happens when you’re in Microsoft word for example and attempt a close without saving.

It’s very easy to mitigate this from your side only to still get the warning message (this can’t be avoided) but mute the sound you may experience.

Right click your taskbar sound and open the volume mixer, mute system sounds and you won’t hear these noises again. Please note this will disable all Windows system sounds (such as error sounds, recycle bin sounds etc.)