Please don't show: This is not a valid R15 avatar

I don’t work with R15 characters, I animate R6 characters all the time.
It’s very annoying having to see this HUGE message every time I open the animator editor.

Not to mention when you accidently click outside the character and the animation editor closes. Then you’ll have to click the character again and this message appears again.
I suggest removing this hint all together.

I would suggest add a ‘Don’t show this message again’ box but that box never works.


Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. For the first, we will consider a way to make this warning less disruptive for users with custom models/R6 models and get working on a fix ASAP.

As for the second issue of clicking away and accidentally closing the editor, we already have a fix on the way for this, and it should be coming soon.