Please enable `BasePart:GetClosestPointOnSurface()`

As a Roblox developer, there are often scenarios where I want to find the closest accurate point on a basepart’s surface (cylinders, meshes, cubes, etc). Roblox released an API for this in May of 2023 :

However, this API has been disabled for nearly 9 months (it’s only usable in studio), so we are unable to make use of these in live servers. As a result, we’re forced to make approximate guesses and can only work with basic shapes, which severely limits the functionality of certain game mechanics (e.g. a climbing ability that works on arbitrary shapes).


God yes. Please. Please. I’ve been building a new feature for my game that depends on this API. Imagine my dismay when I found out the API was not enabled in live game servers and that my hard work may go to waste!

Please, this is such a useful API. Please enable it.


Full support. Was trying to find the closest point on a model from a single point for the purposes of applying explosion damage based on distance a few months ago only to find that I had to make my own functions from scratch (see below) since the API still isn’t enabled. Here’s hoping it gets enabled soon for ease of use at the very least.


Imagine my surprise and pain seeing this error right when I finished writing a huge chunk of code that was dependent on the assumption this worked:

Terrifying. Hopefully Roblox enables this quickly.

This function was briefly enabled in some release version a few months ago and disabled shortly after, and has never been re-enabled since. I’m not sure why since it worked perfectly fine when I used it.

One thing I learned from that brief usage is that the surface is based on the CollisionFidelity and not the faces of the part/mesh. This could change when it returns though. If not then someone will make a similar function using Editable Meshes.

Turns out there already is a function with the same name for Editable Meshes: EditableMesh | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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We still have a big need for this!


We NEED this
I’m so disappointed. I just wrote an entire grabbing system surrounding this but it’s disabled in-game! Me and my friends were so hyped to test…

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For some reason, it’s specifically gated behind the CSG Beta

And four weeks ago it was promised to be enabled in a couple of weeks.

Not sure how big is a ‘couple’, but I hope it will get here soon™.


Thank you for the update :pray: three zero characterss

That CSG beta has just released and includes BasePart:GetClosestPointOnSurface() like you mentioned,. so now it’s enabled for live experiences. :smile:


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