Please fix the animation editor!

I’ll name a few bugs I ran into last time I used it. The list doesn’t have all the bugs I’ve come across using version 3.1 since I can’t remember them all in detail.

  • Top bar menus won’t close. They cover the beginning of the timeline, so it’s impossible to work. This doesn’t happen every time. Last time it happened was after I closed the editor via the “X” button while a menu was open and then opened the editor again.

  • Rotating a part broke. I did a lot of things before this started happening. I wasn’t keeping track of them since I wasn’t actively looking for bugs.

  • Editor leaves Motor6D’s throughout your model. Upon closing the editor, almost every time I find some Motor6D’s that the editor put in my model but didn’t remove. When I open up the editor again, they show up in the timeline, and presumably, can mess up exported animations.

Add to the list, please.

I don’t have detailed repros for these bugs because they are so unpredictable. When I’m using the editor to work, a bug will show up and it’s not like I’m recording every single action I make while I use it. When I try to reproduce the bug, I usually find a different bug because the editor isn’t the same every time you open it during a single studio session.

As a developer, I don’t want to have to alpha test this plugin. Using it is like walking through a minefield. To me, it seems like it passed two basic test cases and then was shipped straight to studio as a working product. As the official animation editor, this is absolutely not okay. What would some new developer trying to make a highly developed game think when he or she can’t even make an animation? Fixing the editor should be one of the highest priorities for studio.

What version are you using? What does the plugin’s text say?

I was using 3.1 at the time I posted this. I just found out, though, that 3.2 was released. I used 3.2 for a bit and none of the bugs I mentioned showed up (there were still errors in output but I couldn’t associate them with any problems in the UI). That being said, I won’t abandon this thread immediately because, historically, most updates to the animation editor didn’t get rid of all the critical bugs. If I run into critical bugs next time I use the editor for work, I’ll bring this thread up again.