Please give feedback on my game, Sword Fights 'Round Time

Hello developers! For the past 3 weeks, I have been working on a game called Sword Fights 'Round Time. It is a fun sword game, where you and your friends can challenge each other in a sword fight in different places and time! Anyway… I would like it if you guys gave me some feedback on how I can improve, and maybe suggest things I should do in the future. (sorry there is no thumbnail/game icon, I’m working on it) You can give constructive criticism, but don’t be too harsh lol. Ok here is the link to the game: Have a great day y’all!


I think this game has potential, however, I think there is some fine tuning to be done. Firstly, I noticed when I first joined that there were two soundtracks playing at the same time, and I think it would be more sensible just to have 1. I think the other thing you might want to consider is making the maps more detailed. I know this isn’t a showcase, but I think the maps wouldn’t go a miss by adding in a few NPCs, market stalls for the castle (which reminds me, the tower is floating), cars, more buildings, for the city etc.

Other than that, I think it was a very neat game, and script wise, I couldn’t see anything wrong (but I know very little about scripting anyway, so I couldn’t comment!). Good luck with this game!


Ok thanks for the feedback! I will take that into account


I think the game was decent, lots of bugs tho.
Here’s a list of bugs I encountered while playing:

  1. I died right as a round started and was stuck in the lobby
  2. The guy/girl testing with me had a sword in the lobby and could kill people with it
  3. Once you kill someone they don’t respawn back in the arena and once you kill everybody the game still goes on.

I like the modeling, good job. But I felt that the maps need more work and maybe a GUI that everyone can vote maps.


The maps are quite bland however I think it does have potential. A weird thing about it is that when I killed another player I got some overpowered weapon that didn’t go away even when we went back to the lobby, which meant I could spawnkill them. I don’t know if this is intentional but I recommend removing.

The desert temples don’t really look like temples at all, maybe make them have some cool entrance and make it less flat. If those cacti aren’t free models then you did a good job on them.

The castle is not appealing to the eye, it has a decent shape but it is just empty. The castle map is also pretty empty, maybe add some medieval houses. Also, the castle isn’t even on the ground and it looks tilted a little. The walls could use with some details as well. I don’t like that you can go outside of the maps, there should be a barrier stopping that from happening.

The futuristic city is okay, but it doesn’t have much detail. Also the fact we can see the lobby from the maps is something I really don’t like, you should make it so we cant see it.

The Japan map was okay, I like how it has more things then most of the others but I think the building needs more details. I hope you haven’t used free models as they can contain viruses. If that is a graveyard, add some tombstones and I don’t understand why there is a tombstone outside of the graveyard, doesn’t really make much sense. (Apologies if it isn’t a graveyard)

Also if there is only one player the rounds should not be able to start, like they can start when there is at least 3 or 4 players or something like that.

The parkour isn’t too easy and I like it, it was a pretty fun thing to play while waiting for the games to start, however you wont be able to play it if a random player has a weapon in the lobby.

The game is pretty good but it needs a unique element to it and could do with loads more details and some double checking. I don’t want to come across as too harsh so im sorry about that.

Best of luck.


Thanks @Ax3nx @Mrdabup123456 @R02_0 for your feedback


just played, very good game but during intermission it did give me a sword? not sure if the kills counted but it’s odd.

nonetheless, would play it again :+1:

Yeah I need to remove the other swords from the inventory when the player is in intermission

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Map is pretty large. The map I played had various issues like the grass colliding, grass was set at different increments & the design of the main japanese style building looked very odd. I suggest you hire a builder. Also the intermission was too quick for me to finish the obby

Ok thanks for the feedback! I will take your suggestions into account