Please Give Feedback or Suggestions for my School project

This is the Moon Temple of Teotihuacan, that I built. Are there any Specific things I can do to improve this build to resemble the original pyramid much closer.( The Irl Image is below)


lol when I first looked at this post and the title I thought you meant that YOU built the Moon Temple of Teotihuacan. That was pretty funny :slight_smile: I don’t have any advice on modeling but I think it looks great so far!


If you want to really make it look like that temple, maybe you could add a texture that makes it look old, instead of it looking smooth? Otherwise, I think the shape is a pretty good recreation of this.


One thing I notice about the real temple is that the top level of it looks extremely rough and weathered. You might try adding some unevenness to your model to replicate that.

If you want to be really meticulous, you can try and get a reference image from each direction and copy every imperfection you see on the sides of the temple. For example, it’s easy to see in the second reference that there are a lot of imperfections in the rock around the foot of the temple, but I suppose you might be able to solve that with a texture.


Looks really well made, Not much feedback I would give on the actual model as it looks pretty similar to the actual image, as some other people were saying, It would help a lot to add some cracks/weathered textures to add some more detail, besides that it looks really good though

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