Please give me feedback on my art!

Could you give me feedback on my recent thumbnails, logos and icons? Don’t sugarcoat anything, I really want to improve :>



I think that they are all really well done and obviously a lot of effort and attention to detail has been put into these.

As you wish for nothing to be sugarcoated, I found that number 4 is weirdly blurry making it somewhat hard to look at and took some thinking to readjust my eyes.

Other than that, I can’t think of much else and they’re all really nice. Keep up the good work :+1:

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Oh, thanks! I’ll keep that into consideration.

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The drawings are awesome. The game logo could use a slight drop shadow but that’s my only problem with it.

Good job!



Those all look amazing.

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Thank you!

Nice to see Kelz here

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I love the style that you decided to make these. I’m not sure what it’s really referred to as, but it just makes them all “pop!” They all look wonderful!

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They look pretty good. I’d say have more contrast between the colour of the characters and the background, maybe saturate them a little more and keep the background as it is.

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These all look good as in style, colors and etcetera but all the scenery is pretty poor, I personally think that if you add more props and stuff for the characters to interact with, they’d look 10 times better.

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I love it! Would love to have something like this for my upcoming game.

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If you need anything, dm me on Discord although I only take USD for now.