Please give me feedback on my low poly creations

I am working on a game that I unfortunately can’t fully share yet, but inside it consists of some of these low poly models that I have created and since I am new to the dev forum, I was wondering if anyone had some tips or dieas that could assist my game.

If anyone wants any of the specific models shown on blender in order to view it in a more detailed manner, please inform me.

Nature Template:

Coral Template:


these r pretty good models :)) idk how to say it butttttt low poly is a style that revolves around simplicity and most low poly models would have flat colors and rarely any detailed textures

i advice to keep textures simple (unless you aim for a more detailed look… i you’re aiming for a cartoony vibe then i would keep the colors flat and limited textures)

epic models bro :smiley:


These are good creations. Nice job on them!


Unfortunately, the game I am working on isn’t extremely simple and contains textures as well so the only way to compliment the terrain was to add textures. I also wasn’t aiming for a hardcore low poly model and rather just a simple model that could pass as a tree while still fitting with the rest of the game.

I do appreciate the advice though!