Please give me feedback on this logo

I’ve been messing around with vector art for a while, and i have come up with this logo for my game:
Since i’m a huge rookie to vector art, i would like feedback, thanks!

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The obby with the square Dosent really look all that good. I suggest removing the square and possibly making “Obby” a diffrent font.


The logo looks too mixed in my opinion. The “Obby” text bothers me the most.

Dat watermark tho

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Really generic for a logo. This is 8 year old me making logos on No disrespect, I’ve came a long way into vector art, it took a lot of tutorials and creative thinking. Just watch YouTube tutorials of vector art and logo design, there, you will find lots of inspiration. Good luck on your venture! <3. I’d try to keep “hell” out of stuff since Roblox is a bit weird on their moderation.

It looks like it is painted in paint …

but this is purely my opinion …
To be honest, I didn’t even draw such a thing, even if I wanted it very much … (I would have been much worse)
3.5 / 10

  1. too strange fire!
    try to play with the colors of the politry to make the fire more beautiful and realistic! (add a glow to the fire)
  2. everything is too square … (my opinion, and you can disagree)
    make the angles more smooth … my eyes hurt …
  3. too much variety of colors (again my opinion)
    red with black, black with white … and red with orange … my eyes are contused …

I love the logo mostly the “I I” (2). I see it as it is plain, what I mean from that the text “Hell” and “Obby” could be improve much better. For the Hell text I would add some fire or some effects to make it pop. For the Obby text make the text make it out of 1 of the courses in obby ex. Parkour etc.

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Looks decent. I suggest you add some pitch forks in the background of the logo. Overall i like your style.:slight_smile:

The square on the right side don’t look really good like (Slayin) said, i would take that out. you can add a different front or backround backround maybe some effects with a little more colors into the logo so it can be blind in with the fire. Like how you see other obbys, try making the fire a little more real like bring it up a little…

Love the flame, and font inside it, if you could expand it to the “Hell” and “Obby” it would look pretty nice. have to agree the obby in the black box does not look great.

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Update: I’m working to make the HELL text to use the same colors as the fire, i’m adding a glow in the fire, and i’m reworking the Obby square, so it represents a level from the game.

Hey! I really like how it looks. I agree with others that the fonts aren’t the best, and it does look pretty random. I’m no professional in Graphics Design, but I personally think this would look better if you filled it up a little. It looks relatively plain with just text, shapes and a logo at the bottom. I think it would look cool if you added some background effect, maybe some separate logos or shapes to make it look more compact. Let me know how it turns out. I’m interested to see which ideas you incorporate into your design. It looks great to say you have only just started. Much better than I could ever do with GFX.

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Thanks for the feedback, i’ve not been able to work on the logo, but recently i got some time off to do that so i’ve made some changes with your feedback.

Firstly, i’ve made the “hell” text have a closer color pallete to the “i i”, and gave them both a “glow”.

Unfortunely, i need more creative input to design the “obby” part, the thing that i’m bothered most by is the font, i am having trouble selecting it, but that doesn’t mean i didn’t do anything!

For the “obby” part, i’ve tried to represent a obby, with some details, like player, and a sword stuck in the ground.

Here’s how it turned out:

this looks better :+1: it is more spread out and the cross looks good :+1:

Put all the text in the style you did the II, and maybe put the text over a nice looking screenshot of the game if you’re not up for drawing a background.