Please give me your Feedback or ideas for my Post Apocalyptic showcase

I’m currently working on my old showcase I’m replacing roblox parts and free assets with my custom meshes. I rlly would like to get some adviсes, Feedbacks or ideas! Link to showcase: • City ruins 『Showcase』 - Roblox


Wow! That looks sick! We can clearly see that’s an abandoned city, maybe add some lighting effects so it’s not too dark, but yeah, awesome map, I’ll definitely buy it if it was on sale.

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im literally looking at these photos saying
no ****** way this is roblox bro.
I don’t even know what to say, theres just not enough words of how I can expressed this enough. This looks near to something from a Triple A Game that is a sick showcase. I don’t see as much talent like this on roblox, I really don’t see any errors or ways I can criticize this, it’s just good, it’s so good it dosn’t look like roblox. my goodness how much time did it take to get this far in development. thats extreme dedication there.


It’s probably among one of the most immersive showcases I’ve played. A lot of work has clearly been put in it. The only things missing are some lighting effects to make it feel even more like an abandoned city.

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I’m sitting in shock wondering how did Dying Light just came to roblox? This showcase, showcased a lot of effort and thought great job!

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Tysm for such nice words, idk what lighting effects i can add, but i added some rays. More trees and roots to make more abandoned look
Maybe u can explain me your idea more detailed

AAAA I’m very happy to read that! Tysm I can’t explain how happy I’m after reading your opinion :smiling_face_with_tear:

Tyy! I added rays, and I can’t imagine to putt surface light or point light somewhere in the map, what effects do you mean

It so NICE to read that someone is comparing your tiny roblox showcase to huge and such beautiful game :smiling_face_with_tear:tyty

MAN, how do people make these games look so damn good on roblox it makes no sense :sob:

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land but way more gritty in detail. This is Far Out. I’m only judging it based on the pictures at the moment, but perhaps you can add little spores/bugs that fly around and glow in shaded areas to add a little more color and maybe light, but I don’t really know how well that would fit.

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