[Please Help] get the model a player gets from the toolbox

Hey there developers.
I am currently creating a plugin. For this plugin I would like to be able to detect the model a player got from the toolbox. I have been reading through the Roblox plugin api and nothing seems to match what I am trying to do.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance, :roblox_light: ICrann

Just check if a model was inserted into the game…

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From a quick test in an empty studio place I found that the ChildAdded event works in the command bar and probably plugin scripts as well.

print(child.Name.." was inserted into the Workspace")

If this is for an anti-virus thing you can do this for all the other plugin-accessible services as well.


There’s no API for when someone takes a model (to my knowledge) and so you’d need to use ChildAdded or something.

If there’s a plugin which somehow does this, you can always look at the source to try figuring out how it does it.

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