Please Help me with this

robloxapp-20200616-1122502.wmv (755.4 KB)

Someone Please help I don’t know why I keep getting teleported into that model, And can’t move shown on the video. I followed all the instructions put the script in the correct folder and everything. And it’s starting to make me mad because it’s taking me 5 hours trying to figure it out and I can’t figure it out so it takes longer and It’s holding up my project

Here’s a picture for who ever cant access the video

Try unanchoring the clothing parts because the problem is that when you touch the the clothing stand you also touch. The shirt and because the shirt has an attachment, your body part goes to that attachment so by unnchoring the shirt you should be able to move around!

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It’s not clothing it’s models and meshes

I think there is an anchored part into your clothing.

Where do I find that exactly???

Select the entire area with the clothes and look in Studio to the anchor button. If there are white lines around it the clothing is anchored.

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So I just un anchor thee model or what ever

Yes you need to unanchor it.
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Simple answer, yes.