Please help us!

Have you saved it anywhere to files, or had a recent save? Also, that NPC would have caused it or some sort of free model. Is more then likely you can recover it without hassle.

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We were pressing undo but nothing changed. When we close studio there isn’t an option to discard.

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We haven’t saved it anywhere to files and i think my friend was using free models.
I am not 100% sure.

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Ok this is what i mean! I’m pretty sure this is quite similar to what has happened there.
robloxapp-20200706-1548187.wmv (4.1 MB) some of my parts have just completely been corrupted, and whatnot. And yes I used free models and got this.

It wasn’t vibrating it was just shrinking.

Well whatever it is, it would’ve been some sort of script causing this. Are you hundred percent sure in every weld and every place, there is not a single script? May I ask why you’re unable to discard changes when closing roblox studio?

Try reverting it to a version wich was working

I typed script in Explorer and deleted every single one of them. I am only able to discard changes when i am working on my own places. And the strange thing is that only grouped parts are not shrinked.

Ok, Since you toggled “reload assests” as true, close the place, and log back in.

Sometimes free model has viruses in them to hack your game I suggest if you are using them to try to clean it out.

I have deleted every single grouped parts and nothing changed.

If its in teamcreate there should be an auto save of it before this happened.

If you need me to elaborate I can, but what action(s) was the NPC [going to] entail?

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auto saves should have a version that isnt corrupted, it havent happened to me but i think a plugin / free model had a script (also, the people above me can help too.

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This could be a virus plugin; I’ve gotten them before, and the usual solution is to remove any plugins that could cause this. In some cases you may need to go into the plugins folder of your studio installation and manually remove the files.

I recently installed a 3d text plugin by XAXA. I think i will try to remove it.

This is avoiding the problem, not really fixing it; it could happen again and could be worse, so this isn’t the best solution really.

The strange thing was that only grouped parts didn’t shrink. So i decided to group builds.

Might’ve been this? Data Corruption while Opening Places

I don’t know, it might be that.