Please help with the Ingame Share function

Hi, I have seen in a few games an in-game share function and wonder how that works? If anyone here knows how to do that I would love to enjoy a “tutorial”!

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This section is not for tutorials, if you have a specific question or issue then we will gladly help.

You can’t ask for an entire system without doing something yourself. Try to start out making a trading system, and ask for help when you get stuck.

Did you used the search bar? There exists this Service called SocialService.

CanSendGameInviteAsync(player) it returns false or true if the player can send a invite
PromptGameInvite(player) it returns nil, it makes that invite thing to appear on the screen of the player.
GameInvitePromtClosed is a Connection, when a user close the invite thing this will appear. The arguments are the player and an array with the userids of the players he invited.

You can learn more from here:

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